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God's Final Call

The National Airport in Washington, D.C. was filled with eager travelers who were going many different directions, domestic and foreign. In the waiting area of the airport, the silence of the moment was suddenly interrupted with clear and distinct instructions.

A voice was heard to say over the public address system, “All passengers holding reservations on flight 375 for Chicago may now get their seating assignments.” Instinctively I checked my suit pocket for the ticket on the announced flight and joyfully relaxed with peace of mind that my flight reservations were secured for my homeward trip. I waited with settled confidence that everything was in proper order, thankful that nothing within reasonable limits would hinder the completion of my trip.

In due course of time, the seating assignments were completed and a voice answered saying, “All passengers holding reservations on flight 375 to Chicago may now board through Gate 41.”

Passengers walked down the long winding ramp to the waiting plane. Upon arriving at the door of the plane, a flight attendant took a boarding pass from passengers to complete the boarding procedure.

In my mind, I began to think about all that was involved in getting a seat on the flight to Chicago. I had made the preparations in the following manner:

  • Purchased my ticket on time - before the flight filled up

  • Traveled to the airport

  • Got on the plane and occupied a seat

  • Committed myself to a inspected plane and competent flight crew

Barring any kind of uncontrollable emergency, I anticipated a pleasant trip through the azure sky above and a safe arrival to meet loved ones in the windy city of Chicago.

While in the Washington airport and traveling to Chicago, I kept thinking about another call to get on board. This inevitable and inescapable call involves all of mankind. It is a call for all individuals everywhere in all lands and nations. Everyone has an appoint with the Lord Jesus Christ, a rendezvous with God (Heb 9:27).

Remember that life is a brief preparation time for all of use, a short time to prepare properly for the timelessness of eternity. Since life is so uncertain and death is so certain and irreversible, one must act wisely now. We must plan now for ho we will answer God’s final call. The Lord Jesus compassionately challenged us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matt 6:33).

The Bible is clear that the Lord Jesus is the only way to Heaven (John 14:6). Receiving Christ as personal Savior guarantees a safe journey to glory.

Unlike my flight to Chicago, no emergency, circumstance, event, trial, failure, discouragement, doubt, hindrance or opposition conceived by devil or man can prevent the arrival of all saved, forgiven, justified, blood-washed believers to the land that is fairer than day to live with God forever in heaven. When in faith and implicit trust we commit the eternal safety of our souls to the Lord Jesus, He will carry us securely though earth’s perplexing troubles and over life’s stormy sea to our home in heaven.

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