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"They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share..." -1 Timothy 6:18

Water Ripples


 In 2020, God allowed us to purchase an old Fareway Grocery store as our future church home.  The coolest part of the story is that God provided the funds that allowed the church to acquire the property debt free!  Since purchasing the new building, Living Waters has stayed committed to a "debt-free" philosophy, completing phases of the renovation as God provides the needed funds. 


Each phase of renovation has been completed without borrowing a penny and has been an amazing faith-building process for our church.  We are nearing the end of our renovation and we give God the glory for the way he has allowed us to transform a grocery store into a beautiful church building that everyone can be proud of!

What God Has Done (2).png
What Will God Do Next (2).png


The car wash next to LWF is graciously offering a discount on car washes! In addition to receiving a $1 discount on the automatic wash of your choice, Park Avenue Laser Car Wash is also donating $1 to Living Waters Fellowship for every use of these codes. For an automatic touch-free wash, the code is 19701. For an automatic brush car wash, the code is 19702. 

Get a clean car for $1 off and  $1 will be donated to LWF!

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