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Divine Inspiration

The Bible surely is the greatest book ever written. In it God speaks to men of all ages, giving divine instruction. Having come from the compassionate heart of God, the Bible speaks to the needy hearts of men. The Bible offers comfort and strength in sorrow, guidance in perplexity, advice in adversity, rebuke for sins and daily inspiration for every need (Phil. 4:19).

The Word of God is both one book and an entire set of books, our God-breathed library. It covers a wide range of literature including history, poetry, drama, biography, prophecy, philosophy, science and devotional reading. The Bible is fully reliable and trustworthy in all subjects about which it speaks.

It is little wonder, then, that all or part of the Bible has been translated into more than twelve hundred languages. The Bible is the best selling book of all time.

With probing skill and penetrating power, the Bible alone answers the greatest questions: “Where did I come from?” “Where am I going?” “What is my purpose in life?”The Bible reveals to us the truth about God and explains the origin of man. Only the Bible points out the one way to salvation and eternal life and gives explanatory insights into the age-old problems of sin and suffering.

The English word “Bible” comes from the Greek term biblos, meaning “a book.” The Bible is God's book and has its source in the infinite and flawless wisdom of God. The child of God may know with confidence of soul that the Bible is God's direct and inerrant revelation to mankind. The Word of God is not obsolete, but absolute.

The Bible did not come from or originate in man. It would have been impossible for man to write the Bible, as impossible as for a blind man to describe a breathe-taking sunset with its golden hues of splendor.By the farthest stretch of the imagination, humanism could not have brought the Scripture into being. Secular humanism, as such, is grossly limited in spite of its boastful claims. When scrutinized, humanism shows its true colors as man's ineffective efforts to solve his own problems by himself. Humanism is destined to fruitless failure and the deserved judgment of God, for “the way of man is not in himself” (Jer. 10:23).

The Bible came from God by “inspiration.” Our word “inspiration” is from the Greek term theopneustos, made up of theos (God) and pneustos (breath). Thus, the full meaning of the word is literally “God-breathed.” The Lord Himself gave life and power to His Word (John 6:63; Rom. 1:16).

The words of Scripture are incorruptible (I Pet. 1:23). The words of the Bible are life-giving, Christ-introducing, Christ-exalting, habit-altering, devil-defeating, salvation-bringing and life-motivating. The words of Scripture have power to perform, achieve and fulfill the will of God in the heart and life of the believer.

The sacred Scriptures are verbally inspired, meaning that every word may be received with full assurance. God's Word is plenarily inspired, meaning that every part may be received with full confidence. The Holy Scriptures are the complete revelation of God's love and mercy. They eloquently tell of God's inexhaustible grace, which is like an ocean of super-abundance (Rom. 5:20).

The Bible, with care and precision, exalts one God above all false gods (Isa. 42:8). God alone is worthy of our deepest trust and fullest worship. The Bible extols God's Son, the Lord Jesus, who is our Savior, Master and Lord.

The Scriptures are the final court of appeal in all things pertaining to faith and practice. The Bible instructs us in what we are to believe and challenges us to order our lives by its holy precepts. In view of the fact that the Lord stands behind His Word, the Bible is forever indestructible, settled, secure and sure. The Scriptures are beyond the reach of foe or critic to invalidate its truths.

The wise Christian fully accepts the Bible as the inerrant revelation of God.  A Christian finds joyous delight as he obeys the word of God and practices the truth day after day. Receiving the Word of God fully stimulates the Christian to evaluate his priorities, goals and aspirations according to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus our Lord (Phil. 3:14).

By prayerfully meditating upon the pages of Scripture daily (Acts 17:11), the child of God benefits from the dynamic, life-changing, power of the Bible. He will be delivered from mediocrity as he translates belief into behavior and creed into conduct. He will be greatly blessed in loving and living the Word of God. He will read it and heed it.

The believer's life will be enriched as he hides the Bible's words of wisdom in his heart. His life will evidence a thrilling enthusiasm for the eternal things of God. He will be greatly uplifted as he lets the his light shine before men so that his God in Heaven might be honored (Matt. 5:16).

The Christian who engages in a systematic study of and commitment to the Bible will always possess an inner tranquility of joy and security. Such spiritual benefits are the direct result of a total trust and dependence on the Word of God. The believer thrives spiritually as he becomes mature in the Word (Col. 3:16). 

It is axiomatic that Christianity will stand or fall with the Bible. The Christian may be sure that Christianity will never bow its feet to the enemy. The Bible will stand and endure forever as God has declared. “But the Word of the Lord endures forever. And this is the Word which by the gospel is preached unto you” (I Pet. 1:25).

The Bible will stand because it is as:

  • Immutable as the counsel of God

  • Unchangeable as the nature of God

  • Broad as the love of God

  • Efficacious as the grace of God

  • Enduring as the life of God

  • Sure as the promises of God

  • Deep as the foundation of God

  • High as the throne of God

“ Let us cling tenaciously to the Bible in these days of widespread confusion, for it is 'a mine of wealth; a river of pleasure and a paradise of glory.” The Sword of the Lord, Murfreesboro, TN (May 10, 2008)

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