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Seeking Wisdom

If you seek it like silver

and search for it as for hidden treasures,

Then you will understand the fear of the LORD

and find the knowledge of God.

For the LORD gives wisdom;

from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

Proverbs 2:4-6

Since we are going through Proverbs as a church this summer, we thought it would be a good opportunity to start going through Proverbs as a family. The other night we were in Proverbs 2. As we read through it, we talked about this question: “Do we seek wisdom?” We talked about what it looks like to seek wisdom. Solomon tells us that we need to seek wisdom and understanding just as we would seek lost treasure.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have not been on a lot of treasure seeking expeditions; and by not a lot, I mean none. But, we had fun talking through what kind of things we would need if we were going to go on a treasure hunt. Granted I am not sure how accurate our thoughts and ideas were as they were almost 100% based off things we had seen in movies. However, as we talked through it, we did realize that to find something of value takes work. You have to put thought and effort into finding treasure. For example, you need more than a swimming suit to go search for a sunken ship. You would need the proper equipment to dive and search. In the same way, finding wisdom and understanding takes effort and sacrifice. Hidden treasure does not just fall into your path, or else it would not be hidden.

How often do we put that kind of effort into finding wisdom and understanding? From what I hear, finding buried or hidden treasure is incredibly difficult. Finding wisdom takes effort, but it is not out of our reach. Wisdom is accessible to all who seek and submit to God and His Word. The Lord is the One who gives wisdom.

It sounds noble to go on a quest for wisdom. We can imagine ourselves doing and accomplishing amazing things in our effort to gain understanding. However, sometimes as we seek wisdom and understanding, we find it, or it finds us in ways that we don’t anticipate. As we went through this passage and I asked my family for thoughts, one child began to ask a question. However, the question was half formed and more of statement, and one of my other children pointed that out very quickly and a little harshly. I saw the look of frustration come across the face of the child who initially began to ask the question. I took the opportunity to begin to correct and instruct the child who had cut his other sibling off. I was thinking this is a great example of the importance of wisdom and how we need to be willing to be corrected. And as I was doing this, a funny thing happened. The Holy Spirit showed me that I was doing the very same thing. I was exhibiting the same exact behavior I was in the midst of correcting my child about.

At that point, I had to stop and admit that I was guilty of the same thing. I had seen the same look of frustration and despair go across the face of the child I was instructing. This is not how I envisioned our family quest for wisdom going. My vision for our family quest involved less mistakes on my part; however, God was good to show me my own need for instruction and wisdom.

I share this story with you to help encourage you. Take time to read God’s Word and seek wisdom. If you have a family, sit down together and start going through Proverbs. You will be amazed at how God will use your time in His word. As you spend time in God’s Word seeking Him, He will give you wisdom and understanding. The Lord alone gives true wisdom, and only from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.

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