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Jehovah Jireh

So Abraham called the name of that place, “The Lord will provide”; as it is said to this day, “On the mount of the Lord it shall be provided.” -Genesis 22:14

God has always been a great provider for His people. In the story of Abraham and Sarah, God declared that "nothing is impossible with God" (Genesis 18:14) and one year later, this faith-walking couple welcomed their miracle child Isaac into the world. In the story of Abraham and Isaac, God provided a ram at the exact moment Abraham needed it, right before he plunged a knife into his son's body. Abraham was so moved by the experience that he renamed the place "Jehovah Jireh" because the Lord provided his most urgent need exactly when he needed it.

God always provides right on time, all the time. God is never late, He's rarely early, but He's always on time! When people take God at His word, great things happen! Marriages get turned around. Sinners get saved. Teams get turned around. Businesses find a revived sense of purpose. And in the case of Living Waters Fellowship, God displays His miraculous power to financially provide for His church.

If you don't remember the story God has already written for Living Waters, please check out this video as a reminder:

I wanted to take a few moments to give you a quick snapshot of how things are going with our new church building and give God all the glory! Many of you are seeing the renovation progress going on in the building and we're really excited about where we're at right now. Below is the big picture timeline of where things sit as of today:

1. Purchase & Phase 1 Remodel

  • $1,299,150 (Purchase, Demo, Temporary Occupancy)

  • Status: DONE and Paid in Full!

2. Phase 2 Remodel

  • $375,000 (HVAC and Groundwork)

  • Status: DONE and Paid in Full!

3. Phase 3 Remodel

  • $160,000 (New Bathrooms)

  • Status: Almost done and nearly Paid in Full! - $40,000 still to raise

4. Phase 4 Remodel

  • $200,000 (Kids Wing and Floors)

  • Status: $200,000 still to raise

5. Phase 5 Remodel

  • $175,000 (Office Wing and Commons Area)

  • Status: $175,000 still to raise

6. Phase 6 Remodel

  • $400,000 (Sanctuary Finish and Exterior Work)

  • Status: $400,000 still to raise

So you can see from the numbers that we are almost halfway home to 100% renovation completion. God has richly provided above and beyond by allowing us, as of today, to invest almost $1,800,000 million dollars into the new property...all debt free! To Jesus be the glory!

We've got about $60,000 remaining in unfulfilled pledges from last year's "Moving In campaign" (April 2021-April 2022) so we expect those fulfilled pledges to carry us to the end of Phase 3 and into Phase 4!

I'm truly blown away by God's goodness to us! The Gospel is multiplying in Southeast Des Moines and beyond. Jesus is being preached. Saints are being built up and sinners are being saved. To God be the Glory. Jehovah Jireh! The Lord our provider. Yes and amen Lord, we trust you to continue to provide for us...all for Your glory.

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