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Sowing, Reaping & CELEBRATING!

“Then they said among the nations, ‘The Lord has done great things for them.’ The Lord has done great things for us; We are glad...Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting…” - Psalm 126:2,3,5

When God makes His people wait for something great, He does so in a special way...His Way. God arranges circumstances so that when He brings salvation, human boasting is eliminated and His people find themselves gladly celebrating in worship. When God does God-sized things, everyone observing (both believers & unbelievers) will say, “God has done great things for those people!”.

From the humble handful of people gathering for “Basement Church” in 2008, to a debt-free purchase of a 22,000 square feet church building and hundreds coming to celebrate the Gospel weekly, truly it should be said, “The Lord has done great things...and We are Glad!

Here’s a Powerful Fact: Living Waters Fellowship has rented a location for Sunday church services for its entire existence as a church (13 years)...UNTIL this Sunday, June 20th.

You read that correctly. We WILL MEET for Sunday worship in our new church building for the FIRST TIME EVER. Glory to God!

SOWING with Tears

As this faith journey has unfolded for our church, there have been many tears. The tears of faith-filled members at prayer meetings, the tearful moments at worship services on Sunday mornings, and the tears of pastors & people when all hope seemed lost and all that was left to lean on were the promises of God.

REAPING with Joy

What God has done in the last 12 months at Living Waters has been miraculous. Closing on a new building at a purchase price of $1,000,000 & investing $200,000+ to renovate the building has made our church Glad in God to say the least. We joyfully shout the salvation God has brought to His people, including 27 believers who have openly identified with Jesus in the waters of Baptism since last May.

CELEBRATING God’s Amazing Grace

We now stand on the edge of an entirely new season of Gospel ministry at Living Waters. We don’t know what God has next for us, but for today, we joyfully shout our Praise!

Sunday, June 20th is going to be a BIG DAY. Bring your shouts of Joy.

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